NANOAFNET,  the NANOsciences  AFrican NETwork, an initiative  created in 2005 in Trieste-Italy under  the patronage of the Abdus  Salam  ICTP, UNESCO, IAEA, TWAS  and the ICS-UNID, and supported  by several international agencies, is the African continent voice in the emerging  field of nanosciences and nanotechnology.

●  NANOAFNET’s  bipolar  vision consists of enhancing  the global  visibility  and  contribution of Africa  in nanosciences  while developing cost effective nanotechnologies  to address urgent continental  societal needs in the water,   energy and health sectors.§

NANOAFNET’s major ongoing programs are:
(i)    Human Capital Development in Africa: Junior visiting scientists and postgraduate fellowship program,
(ii)   Human Capital Mobility: Senior visiting scientist fellowship program,
(iii)  E-learning & e- scientific literature free access,
(iv)   International partnership and access to large facilities.

Supervision of about 45 postgraduates from all over Africa,
Double PhD diploma ”Francophone/Anglophone diplomas”,
Several Cum Laude and 1 Magna  Cum Laude recognitions for postgraduate network  fellows,

International awards  to the network  fellows: Fullbright, Francis-Taylor, Cambridge, l’Oreal-Unesco awards…,
3 OWSDW awards  (Organization of Women in Sciences for Developing  Countries),
1 Nobel foundation-Lindau award  for a network  postgraduate,
76 ISI  peer reviewed co-authored  publications  since 2005,
2012 publication  in Physics Reports, a journal with an impact factor of 19.5,
2009 publication  in Nature Materials by the network  NCP in Lesotho; a journal with an impact factor of 27,
Highlight in Nature Materials, Vol.11-2012 on a recent achievement  of the network  in nanophotonics field,
1st observation of the Anderson  localization  in CNTs by an MSc female postgraduate network  fellow,
1st demonstration of the plasma frequency  femtosecond  tunability  in nanoplasmonics,
2 EU-FP7 partnerships via the ICPCNANONET and COST action 702,
1 US-NSF partnership via Clark Atlanta University and Princeton University,
2012 recognition by the African Materials Research Society, Victoria falls-Zimbabwe,
2012 recognition by the Nelson Mandela  African university for Science & Technology, Abuja-Nigeria
2011 recognition by the African Union, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia,
2010 recognition by the African Academy of Science, Nairobi-Kenya,
2009 recognition by African Physical Society, Accra-Ghana,

Junior visiting scientists since 2007 fully sponsored:

•Algeria: 5

•Morocco: 4


•Nigeria: 4

•Cameroon: 3



•Burkina Fasso: 1


•Ethiopia: 5

•Zambia: 2



•Libya: 1


•South Africa:18

Senior visiting scientists since 2007 fully sponsored:


•Morocco: 4



•Nigeria: 12

•Kenya: 3



•Spain: 1

•Cameroon: 8

•Ghana: 6


•Ethiopia: 3

•Zambia: 2


•Japan: 1


•Canada: 7




•Botswana: 2

•Lesotho: 4






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